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Letter of the Week

After a week's absence, Letter of the Week returns with a winner that packs 57 words into a one-sentence letter that manages to be both succinct and long-winded (try to say the sentence out loud without taking a breath) and makes a telling point about the state of our politics. The sentence I just wrote is almost as long but not nearly as good.

Here's the letter, from Bob Atkinson of Seward:

"From the 'What's wrong with this picture' department we witness a movement by 'conservative' legislatures around America to demand all voters have ID cards in order to exercise the most basic function of a democracy even as the 'conservative' Supreme Court rules that unlimited amounts of money may be spent to influence our elections with complete anonymity."

This Monday won't be all letters, because the email flow has slowed. Gone fishing early? I've got faith we'll restore all-letters by the 21st. As always, thanks for writing.

-- Frank Gerjevic