Letters to the editor (5/15/12)

Maybe it's time to take a closer look at who's working at the TSA

Is the TSA out of control? I saw that the TSA has put several U.S. military veterans on the "no fly list," with no explanation of why they did so.

Maybe we should have an investigation not only of Wall Street, banks and individuals, but of the TSA. Are any of their employees convicted felons, have a criminal record, or on a no-fly list?

We have to protect ourselves from potential terrorists, but does it have to done at the expense of telling military veterans that they are potential "terrorists" or that people with no criminal record are subjected to "pat down" searches even if they are residents and 70 years old?

-- Wallace M. Olson

Auke Bay

Perhaps we ought to apologize and return all resource revenue

To quote The Snoid, my favorite character from R. Crumb's underground comics; "I been bad. I been so bad I hate to think about how bad I been."

I come to this painful admission of guilt after reading Paul Jenkins' admonishments (May 13) that I am stealing billions of dollars from big oil shareholders, the 1 percenters that are so abused by the liberal lies of income inequality, a total fiction, as Jeff Pantages (May 13-14) so forcefully points out.

There is no inequality in America and to redeem our thieving souls we should do as Paul and Jeff and our corporate shill politicians advise and rescind all resource revenue. To amend for our thieving ways we should also give these incredibly wealthy people our Permanent Fund along with a note of contrition and a big Thank You for removing that nasty, smelly oil from our pristine state.

-- Grant Lane


A litter-free Anchorage is no more likely than a $50,000 PFD check

Loved the ironic caption on the photo of kids picking up trash: "Picture this: a litter-free Anchorage." While you're at it, try picturing a $50,000 PFD. Neither one ain't ever gonna happen.

-- Steve Carson


Attaboy, Jenkins -- don't let our senators stand up for Alaskans

Oh Paul Jenkins, he is a man of acute observation and uncommon insight.

How dare the pesky Senate actually ask questions and demand more information from our Conoco Phillips VP, uh, I mean governor. How dare they even look like they may be looking out for the interests of common Alaskans. Don't they know who pays the bills here?

After all, these multinational corporations need all the encouragement they can get, otherwise they will invest abroad in places like Argentina, Venezuela, or even Brazil. I am so with Paul (nod, nod, wink, wink).

-- Mike McQueen

Copper Center

Had me going on crime, chief

I was watching the news the other day, and Anchorage's police chief claimed violent crime was down, well, all except domestic violence and rape.

Oh good, then. It was just against women. I almost started being concerned for a moment there.

-- Lillian K. Staats


Human trafficking a major issue

Fairbanks Youth Advocates would like to extend our most heartfelt thank you to Dolly Caswell of Eagle River. Dolly came to Fairbanks and Delta Junction to speak at churches, bases, schools and public meetings about the important issue of human trafficking in Alaska. We are grateful to her for sharing her attention, passion, and knowledge. Thank you, Dolly!

-- Sarah Smith