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Moose bashes woman's memory and car, but she gets to work on time

A resident of the Canadian province of Newfoundland arrived at work one day last week dazed and sitting inside her nearly demolished car with her neck fractured and her face bruised. And was that a moose hoofprint on her forehead? CBC reports Michelle Higgins didn't know what exactly had happened to her, but her co-workers convinced her to get medical care. It was later determined that Higgins had driven 25 miles to work after a collision with a moose.

"I don't really want to remember hitting the moose but from the time I hit it to the time I arrived in at my destination, I had to drive through Glenwood, and I had to go through Gander, pass the hospital and then make two lefts and a right. The girls said I arrived at work on time. So how did I get there?"

Higgins is appealing to anyone who saw her driving her badly damaged car on the Trans-Canada Highway to get in touch with her.

"Nobody reported seeing this lunatic on the road driving like this. I would like to have that part of my memory back," she said. "I'd like to know if I was driving safely."

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