Magnitude 4.6 earthquake was centered in South Anchorage

USGS via Google Maps

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.6 jolted Anchorage just after 7 a.m. today.

The quake, at 7:02 a.m., was centered in the Southport area of South Anchorage, 37 miles deep, according to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage, although it was felt, strongly, across the city, in the Eagle River-Chugiak area, on the Kenai Peninsula and in the Mat-Su. Some people reported via social media that objects were knocked off shelves. And lots of people were rattled.

"Eagle River - first time in 17 years a picture fell to the floor from an earthquake!" wrote one ADN reader on Facebook.

Among the other reports:

- Sounded like a fighter jet flying over the house! Then a rumble like someone was jumping up and down upstairs then a huge jolt!!!! No damage on Fort Rich, just busted nerves! Lol never want to feel anything like that again!!!!

- We are in was a scary one, but we haven't noticed any damage. It sent us heading for the door frames and covering the kids.

- That was terrifying! Don't usually freak out but this one had me! Out in Jewel Lake!

- Things falling off shelves but thats it.

- I was just taking a sip of coffee and the coffee splashed all over my clean shirt! That's the only damage here.

- Just a scared 4 yr old in the bed now. Wow. I can't believe that was only 4.6, it felt way stronger. I guess it was so close. I could live without that experience again.

- Knocked some wine glasses off from top of cupboard...not surprising though...knew they were a risk there...

- The second part of the quake really shook the house. Felt much stronger than that 5.whatever a few years ago.

- Had a picture fall off my dresser here in Chugiak.

- I live off Patterson. It shook the whole house back & forth! Rocked my bed like a cradle! Who needs caffeine?

- Damaged my efforts to go back to sleep...

More quake details: Alaska Earthquake Information Center -- U.S. Geological Survey