Who's up / Who's down

Jordan Carter, left, and Brian McKay try their luck while doing some early season king salmon fishing in Ship Creek near downtown Anchorage on Tuesday, May 15, 2012.
BILL ROTH / Anchorage Daily News
Retiring Anchorage Schools Superintendent Carol Comeau visits the kindergarten class of Beverly Courtnage at Ocean Elementary School on Thursday, May 17, 2012 on the last day of school for the year.
BOB HALLINEN / Anchorage Daily News
Traffic at Lake Otis Boulevard and Tudor road.
MARC LESTER / Anchorage Daily News

UP -- Salmon diners: Copper River's best arrives in Anchorage and Seattle. Bon appetit.

UP -- Southcentral anglers: Did you see that photo of the early birds flogging the water at Ship Creek? It's almost time.

DOWN -- Alaskans with allergies: Birch pollen is hell. Let it rain.

DOWN -- Pebble prospect: EPA makes no call but says the copper and gold mine could be a threat to Bristol Bay salmon bounty. Sure doesn't read like an endorsement.

UP -- Carol Comeau: Longtime ASD teacher, principal and super seeks out her old schools on her final last day. A long, good ride.

DOWN -- Anchorage drivers: 'Tis the season for pylons and detours as roadwork begins. Patience, citizens, patience.

UP -- Road construction workers: 'Tis the season for pylons and detours as roadwork begins. That OT will look good come winter.

EVEN -- Turnagain bear viewers: Yup, it's a great photo op, but give the grizz some room, folks, or the picture could get ugly.

DOWN -- Alaska oil ranking: We're now the No. 3 producer in the nation. Let North Dakota have its day in the sun. We've got reserves and reserves and reserves.

UP -- Southcentral Alaskans: Just the other morning, the hillsides took on that full, green look. Spring, brothers and sisters. We lose a little productivity, gain a little mental health.