GCI warns some customers about potential misuse of account info

GCI is sending letters to about 400 customers and urging them to check their accounts for any unusual activity. The letters follow the discovery that a former customer telephone service representative may have misused customer-supplied credit card or bank account payment information.

"This isn't a hacking or a situation where our electronics systems have been compromised," said GCI spokesman David Morris. "Just common thievery."

The company found evidence that the former employee gathered account information directly from two customers in telephone calls and later attempted to use that information for personal purchases. Those two customers were informed of the situation by phone, Morris said.

All other customers who many have had contact with the employee will be notified by letters that Morris expects will be delivered in the next day or two. The letters will include a special phone number customers who are potentially at risk can call.

GCI reported the matter to police.

Anchorage Daily News / adn.com