Letters to the editor (5/25/12)

Driver who killed cat is a coward

To the person who ran over and killed my cat in front of my house: You stole something very precious from me. You didn't even stop to take her to pet emergency. The speed limit on East 42nd Avenue is 25 mph. You are a heartless coward.

-- William Lewis


Native corporation joins effort to boost hiring of veterans

Our veterans are certainly in the spotlight these days. At Tyonek Native Corp., we are proud to say that more than half of our 1,000 employees nationwide are veterans. Although Tyonek's veteran hire numbers are higher than most, Alaska Native and American Indian government contractors often rely upon veterans to fill their ranks. Native American companies have found veteran employees and veteran and service disabled companies to be among their most experienced and capable partners in business.

A couple of weeks ago, Sen. Begich chaired a Senate Democratic Leadership Committee meeting on veterans' affairs and job creation. We were pleased to be invited to participate, along with several other organizations and companies.

It was an honor to sit with the Senate Democratic leadership and business people from around the country to talk about ways to transition veterans to the civilian work force and increase hiring and partnering on contracts. We look forward to sharing and promoting these ideas and initiatives with other Alaska Native corporation managers.

-- Bart Garber

CEO, Tyonek Native Corp.


Government funds shouldn't be spent to help political parties

Republicans limited their state convention participation to registered members only. Good. Every political party decision should be made by registered members only, including the selection of party candidates to run in the general election.

Why should we independent voters have to see government dollars spent on helping any political party choose candidates? For all I care these Republicans -- or Democrats or any other political party -- can have a paintball fight to decide who will represent their party in the general election.

We need less party hacks and more constituent-oriented independents seeking office. Isn't this state and country in enough trouble because of this party bickering and the resulting caucus-based government?

Enough government funding of internal political party functions. The only way I now support government funding of any primary election is if only the two primary candidates who receive the most votes be allowed to run in the general election regardless of party affiliation.

-- Lynn Willis

Eagle River