Seasonal worker wonders how to meet women

Wayne and Wanda

Dear Wayne and Wanda

I just got to Alaska for seasonal work. I'll spend most of my time in Anchorage but travel around the state a bunch and have extended breaks in town.

I want to spend time with women during my breaks, especially hiking and camping, but I'm not into online dating and won't be around computers much anyway. And I don't want to date around the seasonal workers scene: too much partying -- been there, done that.

What's the dating like here? How do I meet women to play outside with?

-- Wondering

Wanda says,

Oh, you seasonal workers. You swoop into town with your ruggedly sexy tough-guy jobs. You charm us with your Outside awesomeness, working-man muscles and adventurous spirits. (Local guys, by the way, hate you.) We ladies trip over our strappy sandals and Xtratufs to absorb your carefree cuteness. We fall hard and fast for your wanderlust. Then autumn comes and you leave.

Why not just call yourself a seasonal heartbreaker? No wonder it's hard for you to meet ladies outside your own circle. The fact that your presence has a shelf life is intimidating to most single gals. Not that your temporary Alaska residency means you should sign on to celibacy or solitude, but the fact that you're only here for a season can amount to complications. You have to make sure the lady you land understands that this love story is just a short story.

Be very open and honest about your plans, namely that you're only in town for a hot minute and don't intend to stay. Women love to extrapolate and fantasize when given gray areas to muddle through (i.e. "He said he doesn't want a relationship but we've hung out three nights in a row, so he must not mean it"). Stay straight about your intentions. Cast a line in the Wayne-approved partner ponds. Hopefully, you find a fun buddy who is cool with a casual temp assignment as a summer playmate.

Wayne says,

Wanda's Wild Alaska: Land of partner pools for fishing friends and magical mountains for alpine amore!

Buddy, Alaska and Alaskans are certainly unique, but finding a date here is just like anywhere else. If you want to meet someone who shares your interests, it's best to dive into your interests and look around you.

In your case, when you're hanging at the trail head, cruising along the trails, or bagging a peak, say hi to your fellow hikers. When you're shopping for trail guides and trying on hiking shoes and backpacks, chat with other shoppers. I realize you don't want to spend a lot of time looking for ladies online, but there are many outdoor groups around Anchorage that are worth investigating. One of the more popular spots for potential outdoor fun and buddies is here:

I'm not sure about flirting etiquette where you're from, but I do need to pass along a few Alaska trail tips to you. One, most Alaskans hike to get away from the hassles of our daily life, which at times include strangers looking for friends. Two, we often carry bear mace on our hikes, and it's equally effective in repelling strangers looking for friends as it is grumpy bears. Respect other hikers and their space; if they aren't feeling your vibe, keep on hiking.

• Wanda is a wise person who has loved, lost and believes in therapy. Wayne is a wise guy who has no use for therapy. Send them your questions and thoughts at