Militia menu

Michael Carey

The three Fairbanks militia men now on trial in Anchorage often met in local restaurants to scheme and vent. It occurred to me that an enterprising entrepreneur could offer a tour of their favorite dining establishments and provide samples from the specials on the menu.

* Denny's. Where a Common law trial found Schaeffer Cox not guility of a DV offense and a weapons offense. Special: The Acquittal Slam.

* The Hometown Cafe. Where the Lonnie Vernon and his wife Karen discussed selling Mrs. Vernon's jewelry to buy hand grenades. Special: Pineapple Pizza.

* Sourdough Sam's. Where an informant planned to meet the Vernons immediately before the FBI take down March 10. Special: Toast.

* KFC. Where Lonnie Vernon and the same informant discussed the possibility of taking out communication towers when the day of battle arrived. Special: Big Burrito with holy guacamole sauce.

* The Food Factory. Where Lonnie Vernon ranted about what he would like to do to Big Government. Special: Roasted Caesar Salad.