Letters to the editor (5/31/12)

No tax cut for oil companies

Just checked the price on gas in Tucson this morning on the computer. An ARCO station was listed at $3.49 per gallon. Guess the state better give the oil companies a tax cut. NOT.

-- David Parnow


Owners can abide by the law without having their dog on leash

Our puppy, Marlin, is 6 months old and growing every day. He likes to lie underneath our spruces in the front yard. Today, a young man walking down our street spooked Marlin to "woof." My husband was also in the front yard monitoring our dogs, when the man yelled, "Curb your dogs!" At this point, both our dogs are barking, and the man yells, "There is a leash law, I will shoot your dogs if they attack me!" My disabled husband stands up and says, "Bring it on." Now, blood flowing, I "Google" leash laws.

The Anchorage leash law states that one must have control of one's dog by visual, verbal, harness, or by hand signals in any public area. We are responsible dog owners and feel angry when anyone threatens our family. Especially when we discipline our dogs better than most children I know.

But if you are not a dog owner, I feel for you, because to err is human, and to forgive -- canine.

-- Linda Lew


Greed will ruin salmon stream

As Alaskans in Southcentral head out into the glory of our wilderness surroundings to harvest the salmon returning to our shores, I hope they will contemplate the phenomenal complexity of nature that allows for such bounty, our wondrous good fortune to be able to take advantage of it, and hopefully feel some responsibility for stewardship. Could any of us possibly have the hubris to think we could create such a miracle as a healthy salmon stream? What does it say about the Parnell administration that they consider it "technically feasible," when experts not in the pocket of the mining industry emphatically disagree?

PacRim's plan to obliterate 11 miles of a pristine, productive salmon stream across Cook Inlet to sell low-grade coal to China is still on track to becoming a reality. It will take all our voices shouting "NO!" to bring this insanity to a halt. Please add yours. Visit www.chuitna.org to watch testimony from stream restoration experts, learn the specifics of the project, and an easy link to write to the governor.

-- Cristy Fry


Twain's worthy 'War Prayer'

On Memorial Day, when we commemorate the sacrifice of so many lost in war, as the result of war, or those who still bear their wounds, we should also remember just what they endured.

Perhaps, along with the tributes, memorials, and pictures, the Anchorage Daily News should also print the "War Prayer" of Mark Twain in order that we remember that Memorial Day is more than tributes, stories, and markers.

-- Don Olson


Let's continue to give children in developing countries a chance

In the midst of seemingly unresolvable problems it is always a relief to discover progress on a terrible situation.

Over 30 years ago UNICEF made a concerted effort to reduce the number of children in developing countries dying before the age of 5 from preventable and treatable diseases. Through the "Child Survival Revolution," improved and new vaccines, better understanding of delivery systems for these medications, and an increased commitment on the part of those countries most impacted, today that number has been reduced from 14 million children each year to around 7.6 million.

That means, however, that 20,000 per day still die. According to global health experts, there is hope that such deaths can be eradicated in the not distant future. With that in mind the U.S., Ethiopia and India have united with UNICEF to host a Call to Action in Washington, D.C., to maintain our attention to this effort. I write to support and encourage others to support our political leaders in sustaining the resources needed to reach this achievable goal.

-- Patricia Kennish


Chuckling at Carey's comments

Just read the Militia Menu (Alaska Notebook, May 30) As they say in the South, Mr. Michael Carey, yer a Mess! (compliment). Ha, ha, lol, snicker, snicker.

-- Patty Lee

Big Lake

We haven't learned from Vietnam

The Vietnam War was conducted for purely political and corporate military profits. Please stop with the condescending columns offering platitudes about how proud we are of these kids who were killed or injured. They were drafted (90 percent). They had no idea where Vietnam was or what it was. They were not there to "preserve our freedom."

Three days after our last helicopter left, the North Vietnamese took over South Vietnam. 58,000 Americans and one million Vietnamese dead and countless injured. For those of us who lost loved ones -- or two or three -- we are not proud. We are ashamed that our country has seemingly not learned one lesson from Vietnam.

-- Sheila Burke

Eagle River

Anchorage School District doesn't play fair with residents near fields

The Anchorage School District failed to follow proper channels when it knowingly went before the Urban Design Committee, rather than the Planning and Zoning Commission, to push its agenda for the South High School ball fields.

The fields have always been designated "practice" fields. Homeowners purchased their homes based on that knowledge. Disrespect to homeowners has been appalling -- name calling, half-truths and deliberate miscommunication.

Many of us do not oppose the fields, nor a memorial to Taylor Young. However, ASD representatives have refused to work with the homeowners association regarding field use. Few people would be happy with two ball fields, both with PA systems and no parameters on their use, 100 yards from their homes.

ASD has a "zero tolerance" policy on harassment and bullying. When banners were hung on school grounds naming a particular homeowner, an ASD official told the homeowner he would get to it the following day. The next day that homeowner's lawn was vandalized.

It's time for ASD to step up to the plate and play by the rules.

-- Amy Young