Letters to the editor 6/5/12

Investing in foreclosed homes just makes us carpetbaggers

After reading the ADN article "Permanent Fund plans homes investment," May 28, I understand the money Alaskans reap from oil revenues is now going to be used toward pillaging the less fortunate in the Lower 48 states. As an Alaskan of many years, I find this act to be abominable.

Multitudes have suffered from the actions of a corrupt banking industry and now Alaskans, aka "carpetbaggers," are hovering to snatch the spoils from foreclosures. The officers of the rich and powerful Permanent Fund, which includes "Alaskan bankers," are not only endorsing these transactions but are also enthusiastic.

I'd rather see our money directed to help Alaskans with unreasonable fuel costs, e.g., a natural gas line to the Interior that would eventually put dollars back into the pockets of residents who live here; or increase investments in education and our university system.

-- Robert Kiesel


Where's Sarah? Well ...

Looking back, when Sarah Palin "stood up" to big oil, did she envision a future where her constituents would pay some of the highest gas prices in the country? I'm so glad she continues to fight ... oh, that's right, she quit.

-- Michael Wilber


Tradition of abusing women has nothing to do with honor

Lal Bibi, another girl in an Islamic country faces death for the "sin" of being raped.

As we raise willful daughters excelling in sports, learning and life, do we ignore barbarism in the name of multiculturalism? Genital mutilation of girls, stoning, rapes and "honor" killings -- the abominations go on. An Iraqi cab driver in Texas kills his daughters for the "sin" of wearing skirts and makeup, and is slipped out of the country by his mosque because he was "honorable." And don't even consider not beating your women. A culture of cruel adolescents posing as men infects a portion of the world, but that's the way it's always been, right?

In horticulture I learned that when the root is rotten the fruit is foul, and if the plant isn't pulled up by the roots it can infect the whole garden. Some practices do not deserve respect, tolerance or to survive at all. Call me prejudiced, extreme, whatever, but it's time to wipe these twisted practices out forever. Our daughters' and granddaughters' futures aren't as chattel slaves peering out of bags, and neither should any girl's or woman's lot be on Earth.

-- Bruce Orton


Planned church expansion a bad idea for Rabbit Creek

Ariel Strait wrote a letter about the proposed expansion to Rabbit Creek Church. As the mother of a family of five who live near the church, have attended the church and whose water well was drained during the church's well draw-down test, I would like to provide more information.

The building plans show lockers, the church passed out a flier announcing their preschool and the "ponding" area will be a coffee bar/cafe.

Rabbit Creek Road is an old road with crumbling shoulders, a dangerous hill and no turn lanes.

Our bus stop is next to the church on Rabbit Creek Road. My three children and I wait for the bus in the mornings fearful that we will be the next victims of an accident. Accidents there are common and inevitable.

Anyone who regularly travels the road would agree it is a poor location for a megachurch, school or no school.

The church expansion simply can't be supported with the existing infrastructure!

Want more information?


-- Beth Glotfelty


Unnecessary road in Chugach would destroy wildlife habitat

Folks who were upset by the botched, oversized 11-foot-wide trail that State Parks bulldozed into Symphony Lake last fall (Is the Scenic South Fork Trail ruined forever?" May 14) will love that State Parks has just put out to bid the expansion of the Glen Alps parking lot, destroying that beautiful valley leading to South Fork of Campbell Creek. It could be the first step in an even bigger and more ghastly project.

Twelve months ago, the State Parks director told me a 2 1/2-mile road would be built in Chugach State Park, connecting Upper Huffman and Glen Alps parking lots

This unnecessary road would put 250 parking spaces in South Fork and simultaneously destroy wildlife habitat.

The Legislature appropriated millions to the Moose Federation for a harebrained experiment to transplant moose. Why couldn't money be used to build a double-layered parking lot, with the lower level closed in winter?

Everyone who loves Chugach should contact their legislators and demand public hearings before State Parks destroys another area in our beautiful wilderness park.

-- Barbara Winkley