Fairbanks, Homer folks defiantly claim 'worst-dressed' honors

Anchorage is the worst-dressed city in the U.S.? Baloney, says former Fairbanks resident Christina Uticone, writing for the Houston Press. Furthermore, she says, one great thing about Alaska is that nobody cares whether you're a fashion hound.

As a former-and-always Fairbanksan, I REALLY take exception to the idea that Los Anchorage -- the slick, "big city" part of Alaska, where there is a Gap and a Nordstrom and a Banana Republic; the city where, if you stand in just the right place you might even be able to see the "real" Alaska? -- is the worst dressed city in Alaska. ...

I go back to Alaska at least twice a year, and you know what I pack? Underwear, tee-shirts, a sweatshirt, sneakers, hiking boots, two bandanas, waterproof coat/pants, jeans, socks, and a scarf; in my toiletry kit I pack a toothbrush, face wipes, moisturizer, Q-tips, and deodorant.

No mascara. No bras. No lipstick. No slips, or tights, or non-practical footwear of any kind. I don't get a manicure. I don't buy a cute new swimsuit. I don't wear jewelry other than my wedding ring. The bottom line is that, more than in most places, Alaskans dress with utility and survival in mind.

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Meanwhile, Naomi Klouda writes in the Homer Tribune that folks at the end of the road are indeed fashionable -- if not conventionally so.

The truth-test clothing must stand up to is whether it's comfortable. Does it express us? Is it fun? Heck, is it functional? We don't tend to be impressed by price tags and name brands. ... Who needs to dress shiny new? See, we're passing on our values.

And never-overdressed Anchorage columnist Craig Medred, writing at Alaska Dispatch, agrees the world should celebrate Alaskans' fashion indepence.

Advice from Anchorage to Binghamton: Dress down, relax, you'll feel better about life. People in suits are uptight and worried about everything.