Lead agent in botched Stevens case still with FBI. Why?

ERIK HILL / Anchorage Daily News

An internal Justice Department report on the botched prosecution of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, released in May, called for suspension without pay for two federal prosecutors who worked on the case. It said Assistant U.S. Attorneys Joe Bottini and James Goeke "engaged in professional misconduct by acting in reckless disregard," by not disclosing evidence that would have helped Stevens' defense. It also described misdeeds by the lead FBI agent in the case, Mary Beth Kepner, who was the subject of a whistleblower complaint by an FBI underling in 2009. The underling, Chad Joy, eventually left the FBI, but Kepner remains. Alaska Dispatch looked into the recent Justice Department report in an attempt to discover the reason why.

Many of the conclusions the authors of the report drew about Kepner's action are, however, redacted. So are comments about Joy.

Still, in what the public can read, the report clearly shows a different side to Kepner than the "top-notch" agent, as she was portrayed by her boss, [Robert] Burnham. The report paints a picture of a woman who kept evidence from the defense, failed to follow FBI protocols, and who was, in her own words, "overwhelmed" and "disorganized" by the case.

The report also said that Kepner forged documents and appears to have lied about doing so. ...

FBI Director Robert Mueller told members of a U.S. House committee in early May that Kepner was the subject of an internal ethical review tied to her part in the Stevens case. ... FBI ethics reviews can take years. In the meantime, Kepner remains an active agent with the FBI in Anchorage and continues to investigate criminal cases.

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