Prevention is the best course we can take to maintaining health

Re: Obama Care. I'm a 78-year-old man, in reasonably good health. I look around at all of the people that have diabetes, heart and vascular disease, arthritis, etc., and I realize that it isn't a lack of prescription drugs that is the cause. It's their diet. Oh sure, genetics plays a part.

We need to have health and nutrition taught in our schools. Books like "Let's Get Well," "Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures," "Nourishing Traditions," "The UltraMind Solution," "The Blood Sugar Solution," "The Calcium Lie" and many more, should be read. Prevention is the best way to go, not the enrichment of the medical and pharmaceutical establishments. I, personally, have found some doctors to be quite lacking, as well as dentists.

We've all been given this fantastic gift called a human body; and we are meant to show our appreciation by taking very good care of it. You reap what has been sown.

-- Bert Maupin