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Letters to the editor (6/13/12)

City dresses for active lifestyle

I was shocked from the news that Anchorage was rated as the worst-dressed city in the country by Travel & Leisure magazine. I have to say, this was a praise of our lifestyle, not a negative judgment. You see, people usually dress up for other people to see and to get approval from. We Anchorage citizens are so confident about ourselves, so busy enjoying our life in this wonderful environment that nowhere else can measure up. We are so busy at work, enjoying hiking, fishing, biking on the city trails and camping on the beaches and riversides that we don't worry about what we put on daily.

I just entertained one of my college friends from 30 years ago. She came to visit me and Anchorage and Alaska last week from China. She has traveled many places in China and in the U.S. I showed her Westchester Lagoon, Earthquake Park, Potter Marsh, Girdwood, Portage Glacier, Turnagain Arm, Kenai Fjords National Park and Matanuska Glacier, just a few attractions. She told me this trip was her best trip ever.

-- Xiwei Yang


No matter the GOP spin, the truth is that Sarah Palin quit on Alaska

Matt Johnson's Compass piece on the GOP (June 9) had me intrigued for the first half. Since I refuse to affiliate with either party for many of the reasons he discussed, I was amused by the usual Alaska GOP power struggles.

But then he hit my hot button talking about how the elite Republicans and Democrats helped drive Sarah Palin out of office. Then the irony. He ended his piece saying "Real Republicans take responsibility and finish what they start."

Really? When will these diehard Sarah fans admit that just maybe, just maybe, Sarah was wanting to go make that $11 million-plus she made her first year out of office and found the idea of everyday governance a bit boring after her race for VP?

I would have been tempted to do the same. But the poor Sarah fables continue as she lives in Arizona and appears to have little interest in Alaska politics. She quit on Alaska. No matter what they say I will never respect her for that.

-- Sanda Allen


Act to save freedom of speech

The ADN front page piece reads "Opinion opens way to no-limit spending (June 9)." I hope the citizens of Anchorage took the time to read about how the impact of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision is reaching down to undo all campaign finance reform efforts even at the state level, yes, even in our state of Alaska.

If you are a citizen who is concerned about corporations seizing your freedom of speech for their profits, come to our Move to Amend Anchorage Affiliate meeting on Thursday at 6 p.m., 3201 Turnagain St., or go to to get involved at whatever level. Do it now as time is of the essence.

-- Beverly Churchill


Prisoners can clean beaches

I've got a potential solution for the flotsam showing up on U.S. shores from Japan: enlist the help of prisoners. Its' cheap labor and it gives them something to do. Industry shouldn't complain because they wouldn't be competing against usual manufacturing or services.

-- William Ahrens

Eagle River

District cuts limit kids' potential

Until last year I lived for 13 years in Anchorage. I grew up in the ASD schools, and I was supported by many teachers in my goal to become a better artist. I now attend a high school where they have not only accepted me into the AP art courses, they accepted me without having me take the prerequisite courses.

This is important because recently I learned of the budget cuts that have removed art courses at Romig and Gruening. I cannot speak for Gruening's art program, but I attended Romig for middle school so I can speak to theirs. I had an amazing art teacher who spent time with me after school hunched over a canvas in order to further my knowledge of techniques. She always encouraged me.

I would not have gotten to where I am today without Ms. Schweiger. I hope the residents of Anchorage are listening, because the cuts in the ASD are hurting your children's ability to excel and their future.

-- Sydney Hollar

Bellevue, Wash.

Woronzof land swap unnecessary

The proposed land swap of Point Woronzof Park and a section of the Coastal Trail is unnecessary, as the airport has not clearly demonstrated its need for these parcels of land. These sections of land are far too valuable to the community to be sacrificed.

Maintaining our existing trails and parks is vital for the quality of life in Anchorage and the health and happiness of its citizens. We need to preserve Point Woronzof Park and the existing coastal trail for the use and enjoyment of future generations.

-- Brooke Reynolds