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Letters to the editor (6/15/12)

Easy to spend other's money

No one complains when you spend your own money on hotels, restaurants and taxis in Hawaii, Mexico or Las Vegas instead of on hotels, restaurants and taxis in Anchorage.

But spend your own money on the poorest of the poor in the Third World as Jesus requires in Matthew's Gospel and folks bellyache that you -- not they -- are neglecting the local poor.

Apparently, you forfeit your property rights when you follow Jesus' commandments.

I'm unaware of any local law keeping the bellyachers from contributing their own money to the Anchorage poor the bellyachers are so concerned about.

But then again, it's a lot easier -- and cheaper -- to put the other guy's money where your mouth is than to put your money where your mouth is.

-- Geoff Kennedy


Shootout giveaway nothing more than buying Alaska rural votes

In regard to our legislators spending $2 million to send residents to the Great Alaska Shootout, this is nothing more than a free in-state vacation for some rural residents at the taxpayers' expense.

If our legislators wanted to make the Great Alaska Shootout a "national event" then they should have appropriated the funds to attract elite college teams to play. If you placed eight teams from the NCAA Sweet 16 and had them play, you would fill Sullivan Arena for days and give a substantial boost to the local economy, attract national media attention and help make Anchorage a "winter" destination, which is something this city needs.

What they have done is nothing more than a legislative giveaway in the hope of buying rural votes at election time.

-- Douglas Shaffer


Oil industry unquestioned leader in Arctic science expenditures

In last week's opinion piece, "Base plans for the Arctic on good science (June 8)," Oceana's Will Race implies that offshore exploration should be put on hold until more Arctic science is gathered. It's a tired argument used by opponents of offshore exploration and fortunately, it's never gained traction with credible decision-makers.

The fact is the Arctic has been studied for decades -- largely as a result of interest by industry in Arctic exploration. Over just the last six years, Shell and industry partners have invested more in Arctic science than all federal agencies combined. And there's much more to come.

If Oceana is keen to contribute science of its own, there's surely a place for it (once peer-reviewed). In the meantime, we look forward to responsibly exploring our offshore leases this summer, creating jobs and proving-up what could be the next chapter in Alaska's oil and gas history.

-- Curtis Smith

fourth-generation Alaskan,

spokesman for Shell,


Alaska trailer trash unbearable

I am from Florida and have just finished a marvelous cruise to Alaska. The scenery from the ship was incredible. However, we spent four after cruise days driving and touring from Seward to Denali. All of us were appalled by the consistent amount of trash, derelict automobiles and just plain junk surrounding the homes, RVs and trailers en route.

West Virginians are ridiculed for being trailer trash, but their yards are well groomed compared to most in the areas I observed in Alaska. It looks as if there is no pride of ownership in this state and you should be collectively embarrassed.

C'mon -- throw your trash away.

-- Don May

Amelia Island, Fla.