Alaskans & their dads

Location: Jinshanling section of the Great Wall of China, 05/23/11 While spending a month in Beijing to have stem cell treatment for my son, we took a break and explored part of the Great Wall of China.
Photo courtesy of Amber Riggs / ADN reader submission
Location: San Francisco, CA, 01/21/2011"At Ease" - A Soldier and his baby girl....
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Location: Anchorage, 03/01/12 My hubby with our 3 boys, Julius, Joseph and 3 days old JeiDee.
Photo courtesy of Irasema Claunan / ADN reader submission
Location: Portland, Oregon, 8/2011 My Dad and me at my College graduation at PSU (Portland State University). Thanks for EVERYTHING Dad! I Love You! Your Son, Aaron
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Location: AFN - Fairbanks, October 2010 Andy Simon Sr. and Geri Simon. I am lucky enough to have two dads and both are my heros. This is my dad from Allakaket.
Photo courtesy of Dawn Jackson / ADN reader submission
Location: Alaska Zoo, 05/15/12
Photo courtesy of Jakob Webb / ADN reader submission
Location: Bradley House, Anchorage AK, 06/02/20123 Generations -- Dylan, Michael and Marcel LaFramboise
Photo courtesy of Rick Grant / ADN reader submission
Location: Anchorage, 12/24/2011 Grampa Woody Ivanoff and grandson Tristan! Happy Fathers Day!
Photo courtesy of Vi / ADN reader submission
Location: Palmer Train Depot, 4/1/11 My Dad, Harold Larson, retired from the A.R.R., after 31 years of Track Labor. He raised me at Gold Creek, a flagstop. This picture is special because it reminds me of all the times I "threw a switch" for him. Thanks Dad for keeping me on the right track all these years!
Photo by Heather Dunn / Ambience Photography 2011
Location: Fort Yukon , 07/13/11 Just returned from checking the fish net
Photo courtesy of Kara'lissa Tremblay / ADN reader submission
Location: Soldotna, Christmas time 2009 My dad, Pero, is my biggest inspiration. He has always been my number one supporter and shoulder to lean on. I love you dad! More than you will ever know! Happy Fathers day. Many more to come. Love Always-CB
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Location: Petersburg, 1989 Taken sometime in 1989 on a family vacation in Petersburg.
Photo courtesy of Veda Alexander / ADN reader submission
Location: Unalakleet, Alaska, May 1991 Dad's hunting sidekick. Ever since I can remember, he was bringing me out where ever he went, teaching me everything he knew about hunting, fishing, & gathering. Thanks Dad!
Photo courtesy of Kelsi Ivanoff / ADN reader submission

Alaskans seem to have a special relationship with fathers that goes beyond the breadwinner, protector, disciplinarian thing. Maybe it's because many of us associate our dads with larger-than-life Alaska adventures, with fish, snowmachines, airplanes, giant mountains, grand rivers and open seas. Maybe it's because, for many, the extended family is far away. Or maybe it's just an Alaska tendency to equate greatness with fatherhood. No one calls Joe Reddington "the founder of the Iditarod Race" or Jay Hammond "a proponent of the Permanent Fund." No, it's "The FATHER of the Iditarod" and "the FATHER of the Permanent Fund." Bill Egan didn't just chair the state's constitutional convention; he's gone down in history as "the FATHER of the Alaska Constitution."

This year the Anchorage Daily News has received a bumper crop of photos showing readers with their fathers. A good number of those photos seem to capture the specialness of being an Alaska dad. We present some here. Find more, and add your own pictures, at

Mike Dunham, Anchorage Daily News