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Letters to the editor (6/21/12)

It's not how much candidates raise, it's how they spend money

The focus on financial contributions and their influence on winning political campaigns is misplaced. The political landscape in the United States is littered with political candidates who raised more money than their opponents and still lost. The focus on fundraising blurs the real issues, which are the candidate, and what they stand for.

Politicians can win with less money if they spend their funds in a smarter way than their opponents. That also tells us a lot about their leadership and judgment qualities.

Republicans and Democrats both have their multi-millionaire supporters. Corporations and Hollywood have their favorites..

The news media obsesses in reporting how much money each political party has raised on a daily basis. As a super voter, I want to know where presidential candidates stand on the economy, foreign policy, taxes, social security, Medicare and immigration.

Candidates cannot run for office without money. But it is secondary to the character and policies of the candidate running for office. Of course if no one votes it doesn't matter how much money was spent.

-- Bob Lewis


PFD built on blood, broken dreams

Of course the Permanent Fund Board continues to have holdings in Iran-related companies and interests. They also are buying up large lots of foreclosed homes in order to sell them at a profit down the road. The Permanent Fund is being built on the blood and broken dreams of other people.

Now before all the wingnuts spew out their coffee and say I should not accept my check, let me say I am going to accept my check and I am going to pay back to those in need by giving to a charity of my choice in the Pick, Click, Give program.

My solution may not be perfect, because the board has no conscience. However, as PFD recipients we have the power to mitigate the board's role in the pain and human abuses they are contributing to in the world in our name.

-- Mary Ann Chaney


Reminder of the police positives

At 2:45 am, I heard a commotion outside my home. I looked out the window and there was a guy assaulting two guys. It was some of the local inebriates carrying on in a violent manner. I called 911; the APD arrived in five minutes.

The first officer arrived, then more patrol cars pulled up. I saw how efficiently the APD works. These men and woman who wear a police uniform really know their business. They had officers taking photos and an officer working a computer. The fire department was called and treated the injured and another set of patrol cars going after the attacker, who they did apprehend. The whole drama played out in 45 minutes.

There are negative stories involving ex- officers of APD. I share this story to remember all the professionalism and exceptional training our APD shows when they are doing the job of protecting our community.

-- Carol Montoya


Current regime must go down

If there are any out there who still care about this great country, the good ol' U.S. of A, that our parents and grandparents and all that came before them built, then pray anybody but the current regime gets re-elected in November. Also, if any want to know where we're headed if the current regime remains in power, read the novel by Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged." It's a very long read, but worth every minute of your time. Then check out Ayn Rand's background to see how credible her work is.

-- George Hefley