New Yorker takes Seward Halibut Derby lead

Mike Smiley of Baldwinsville, N.Y., moved into the lead at the 2012 Seward Halibut Tournament on Sunday, when he hauled up a 196.6-pounder to narrowly edge the former leader.

Smiley's catch puts him in prime position to claim the $10,000 first-place prize in the month-long tournament that closes Saturday.

Smiley surpassed Chris Bautsch of Seward, who had owned the lead since he caught his 194.8-pounder last Thursday.

Smiley caught his fish aboard the ProFish-n-Sea with captain Woody Wedin.

Second place in the tournament is worth $5,000 and third place earns $2,500.


Bradbury sweeps regionals at 140

Daniel Bradbury won the novice 140-plus-pound division in all three disciplines last weekend to account for one-third of the first-place finishes by Team Alaska athletes in the USA Wrestling Kids & Cadets Western Regional Championships in Pocatello, Idaho.

Bradbury won in freestyle, Greco-Roman and folkstyle.

Team Alaska's Benjamin Ng took firsts in the intermediate 112 division in Greco-Roman and folkstyle, and second in freestyle. Greg Shack racked schoolboy 84 division wins in freestyle and Greco-Roman, and was sixth in folkstyle.

Other winners were Dante Rebish in bantam 45 freestyle -- he was second in folkstyle -- and Spencer Martin in novice 75 Greco-Roman.

Also, Anthony Schwartz (intermediate 120-plus) and Noah Ottum (schoolboy 98) each took two runner-up finishes and a third place, as did Evan Bockman (novice 95).

Team Alaska finishes

At USA Wrestling Western Regional, Pocatello, Idaho

Bantam 45 -- Dante Rebish 1st freestyle, 3rd folkstyle. Bantam 45 -- Aiden Scheeringa, 4th freestyle, 5th folkstyle. Bantam 55 -- Zachary Priebe 5th freestyle. Bantam 55 -- Alex Buck, 6th folkstyle.

Intermediate 65 -- Jahrease Mays 5th freestyle, 4th Greco-Roman, fifth folkstyle. Intermediate 112 -- Benjamin Ng 2nd freestyle, 1st Greco-Roman, 1st folkstyle. Intermediate 120-plus -- Anthony Schwartz 3rd freestyle, 2nd Greco-Roman, 2nd folkstyle.

Novice 70 -- Rush Fannon 8th freestyle. Novice 75 -- Spencer Martin 1st Greco-Roman, 3rd folkstyle. Novice 90 -- Joey Lerch, 3rd Greco-Roman. Novice 95 -- Auston Vreeland 4th freestyle, 2nd Greco-Roman. Novice 95 -- Evan Bockman, 2nd freestyle, 3rd Greco-Roman, 2nd folkstyle. Novice 140-plus -- Daniel Bradbury 1st freestyle, first Greco-Roman, first folkstyle.

Schoolboy 84 -- Greg Shack 1st freestyle, 1st Greco-Roman, 6th folkstyle. Schoolboy 98 -- Noah Ottum 2nd freestyle, 3rd Greco-Roman, 2nd folkstyle.

Cadet 88 -- Gavin Maslen 3rd freestyle, 3rd Greco-Roman, 4th folkstyle. Cadet 195 -- Brandon Bailey, 6th folkstyle.


Bennett honored

State boys diving champion Cade Bennett of Dimond High has been honored as a one-meter All-America by the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association.

Bennett as a junior this past school year won the state championship and was named the Outstanding Diver at the state meet.

Bennett scored 474.75 points at the state meet to beat the runner-up by more than 73 points.

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