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Affordable Care Act decision an important win for students

The Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act has given tens of millions of people across the country reason to celebrate. I'd like to focus on how the ruling was a major victory for one particular group of people, those under 26.

Before health care reform, students were automatically kicked off their parents' insurance plan as soon as they graduated from high school or college. But because of the law, young people can now stay on their parents' plan until their 26th birthday, and already 2.5 million young people have received coverage.

I can personally attest to the fact that this makes a real difference for students, I know dozens of people who would struggle to afford insurance after graduating (people like me), and virtually every single person my age will benefit from free access to vital preventative care, like birth control and cancer screenings. This law gives students the security they need to pay off record-setting college loan debts in a bad economy, and it gives our families the peace of mind they deserve.

-- Austin Heyroth