Residents finding it difficult to compete against foundation

Southcentral Foundation is trying to push through a major expansion which would negatively affect those residents living in the Grumman, Lark, Piper and 46th Avenue areas.

Residents showed up in force at the June 11 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission to testify against this expansion. But we are finding it hard to compete with the political clout and savvy being exercised by SCF. We do have a legal opinion that states upon "review of the application and the applicable provisions of Title 21 of the Anchorage Municipal Code, governing land use, it is my opinion that the application should properly be denied because the proposed use is prohibited by the existing zoning."

The MOA Planning and Zoning office was given a copy of this opinion so anyone can call them and mention case 2012-063 and should be able to get a copy.

SCF has violated provisions of their current conditional use permit, which resulted in a formal complaint, didn't contact residents south of 46th, and is ignoring the zoning restriction. Residents are hoping that their arguments against expansion will be heard.

-- Linda Garrison