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ALOHA . . . Mayor Sullivan notified his constituents Friday that he'll be taking the oath of office for his second term on Monday -- in Hawaii. Isn't he supposed to do it by July 1st? And why did Sullivan, who won re-election in April/May, wait until the last minute? Who knows. Maybe his staff forgot to remind him. It's pretty much a ho-hum event, but ho-hum enough for him to not bother showing up?

He's going to do it by Skype. If you missed the story on Saturday, you can get the details on

Wow. How tone deaf is this guy? If the rumor mill is right, he's planning to run for governor. Maybe his staff should clue him in to the fact that Alaskans are kind of state-proud, as in, you should actually be in the state when you take the oath of office as mayor of the largest city in the state. This is one of those things that nobody cares about unless you do it wrong.

Not to mention, is it even legal?

But then, this is the politician whose reaction to the not-enough-ballots mess was to joke that if everyone got to vote, he would just have won by more.

Tone deaf.

LEGAL RESEARCH NEEDED . . . The Omniscient Orifice would like to see the lawsuit reportedly filed by national RonGOPs against the Alaska Republican Party (But Ear is not interested enough to actually do any work).

Earwigs report the suit challenges something or other on behalf of the Ron Paul wannabe delegates who failed to capture seats to the national convention. They want to "unbind" all delegates so they can all vote for Paul, and wouldn't' that be fun. (You can check out the anti-party line at a Website called

And Ear thought only Democrats ate their young.

People who probably know say the suit was filed the Monday after the no-show re-convening of the Alaska Republican Party convention here and also names the RNC plus other state Republican parties as defendants. (RonGOPS did their guerilla maneuvering in Nevada and Maine, too).

The avowed goal -- or threat -- is to avoid "dangerous chaos and turmoil" at the national convention this summer. Why would we want to avoid that?

AND ON ANOTHER FRONT . . . If wacko politics is your idea of fun, check out a wonderful eyewitness report of Monday's Anchorage tea party candidate, uh, not forum to be sure -- brain washing. It's on the blog It was an event where two of our state senators, Cathy Giessel and Kevin Meyer, voted in favor of completely privatizing the school system, and the weird waffle lady who shows up at the occasional Assembly meeting "waffled" anyone who tried to think before answering a question. Definitely worth reading.

ELECTRIC ART . . . Former legislator Cheryll Heinze, now PIO for the Matanuska Electric Association, wanted people to understand just how really really big MEA's new Eklutna Generation Station will be. So, for Tuesday's groundbreaking ceremony, she painted a life-size mock-up of one of the 10 generator engines the facility will eventually house. The plywood cutout was 16 feet tall and 45 feet wide. (See above picture).

Cheryll, a noted artist in her real life, said it took her five days and to-the-death battles with legions of mosquitoes to complete the painting. The engines will weigh 835,000 pounds each and will be slid into place along rails greased with Joy dishwashing liquid.

Hey, that's what she said.

ON THE MOVE . . . KTUU morning anchor Todd Walker is leaving Alaska for a reporting job at KUSA-TV, the NBC station in Denver. His last day will be July 27th. Todd, who's an Alaskan by way of Army bratdom, did two years as a reporter at KTVA-Channel 11 before going to Channel 2.

KUDOS . . . to Service High graduate Alexandria Hardesty, senior designer for Chauncy Villeroy, a fashion house based in Hollywood. Actress Krysten Ritter wore an Alexandria design on the red carpet at a do in NYC Thursday.

Hey, it's a big deal out in America. The dress was a skin-tight black number with cutouts. You can find pictures online.

Ali's father is Alaska videographer Todd Hardesty. Mom is local therapist Geri Chaney. Both are former reporters.

Ritter currently stars in the ABC comedy "Don't Trust the B. ... in Apartment 23," but Ear remembers her fondly as the mayor's daughter in "Veronica Mars."

COME BACK . . . "bobrauschenbergamerica," the current production at Cyrano's Theatre Company, stars, among others, Sandy Harper.

Sandy, founder of the company with her late husband, has always been the off-stage business and promotion person. Friends say this is her first onstage role in 47 years.

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