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'Four Fish' author samples Alaska's Stuyahok River

Paul Greenberg, author of "Four Fish," the best-selling 2010 investigation of global fisheries, is blogging for The New York Times via satellite during his guided trip on the Stuyahok River in the Bristol Bay watershed, and he's not shy about using his observations to highlight his opposition to the proposed Pebble mine. In three posts so far, he has talked of the retreat of Arctic grayling in North America, the scavenging habits of rainbow trout and the insatiable appetite of the brown bear.

It's as if a grizzly is a drunk or stoned guest barging into nature's cupboard, ripping open the cabinetry and refrigerators and roaring, "ISN'T THERE ANYTHING TO EAT IN THIS PLACE?" On one hillside we saw where a thousand-pound grizzly had torn apart a nine-foot swath of earth just to suck out a single squirrel. Elsewhere, our guide, Mark Rutherford, pointed out a nest of swallows in a river bank. Grizzlies here, too, blast into these banks until they get to the eggs, with a puff of feathers often accompanying the rampage, like Sylvester swallowing Tweety.

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