Haines firefighters called to scene of blazing object in sky

How bad is the weather in Southeast Alaska? It might be an indicator of how rarely folks in Haines see the sun that a resident recently called the fire department to report a "large" fire near downtown, reports the Chilkat Valley News (subscription required).

Fire chief Scott Bradford said one fire truck responded to the resident's call that came about 4 a.m. June 21. "Dispatch has to go with what they hear... We drove up and down Third Avenue looking for fire or smoke."

Firefighters also looked along Fourth Avenue, but when no blaze was spotted, police went to the home of the caller, ultimately determining the person was looking at the sun as its light came around the corner of Mount Ripinsky.

So apparently it's true -- as the old joke goes -- that some Alaskans do cower from that bright light in the sky when it makes a rare appearance. Haines residents also have mistaken lights on a fishing boat and street lights glowing in the fog for fires, the CVN says.