Letters to the editor (7/6/12)

Please return stolen garden art

Recently someone took three decorative garden statues from my fenced yard on Eighth Avenue. I have lived in this house for 15 years and no one has ever taken anything. These particular items have great sentimental value to me and I hope whoever took them will return them. I think kids took the statues and while they probably don't read the letters, I am hoping the parents will and know they are stolen.

The items were "his and her" pigs dressed in farmer-type clothing, their eyes were slanted towards each other, and the third thing was a garden gnome. I take care of my yard and decorate it with lots of fun garden critters to make people smile. Please return them.

-- Konni Snyder


Political officials and parties set poor example for young child

I teach my grandson he must have integrity and character while never lying or cheating. We now come up to the presidential elections.

I am concerned that the characteristics I am teaching my grandson are not being followed by our elected officials and their political parties. Advertisements with statements taken out of context that intentionally mislead the public are legendary. They stretch the truth, make excuses and spread blame, something our kids are not allowed. When my grandson sees the politicians on TV, how do I explain to him their lack of character and integrity and yet they represent our state and country and they are not reprimanded or disciplined like he is?

A man's power, wealth and achievements will mean nothing if he doesn't have integrity. No child ever bragged about his dad being a great liar or someone who doesn't keep his word. If you want your kids to have a life of integrity, give them a life of integrity to follow.

-- Jim Wood

Eagle River

Pit bull incidents make neighbors feel unsafe

I am horrified by what happened to Kathryn Zins -- the attack on her and her on-leash dogs by a pair of loose pit bulls (Letters, July 4). I am grateful that she submitted a letter regarding this, alerting neighbors who may not know.

This is not the first incident involving unleashed pit bulls on Arlene Street. I can't confirm it but talk in the neighborhood is that it is the same pit bulls.

It's a terrible thing to feel unsafe in one's own neighborhood, to fear going out to work in the gardens for personal safety, and to fear for the children on the street. I feel unsafe.

I have grieved for Kathryn and her Yorkies since I first heard the awful news. I pray for her and hope that she is able to recover from the senseless horror of what she is going through.

I hope that something definitive is done to keep this from happening again. It needs to be stopped.

-- Deborah Peterson


Where'd we get bleeding hearts?

Well, everyone get ready for your health insurance premiums to double and the deductible to increase. Where did we get all these socialists and bleeding hearts? Oh, that's right, from the illegal aliens now naturalized -- and all those who think, "I'm alive, so you owe me," that our welfare system has been breeding. And if the new health care bill is a tax, why aren't we paying the U.S. government, or did all the insurance companies just become a federal agency?

-- Carolyn Johnson


Court's ruling wasn't objective

The health care bill makes clear the individual mandate is a penalty. It is reasonable for the people to believe "this is not a tax."

So how can the Supreme Court say it is a tax without saying the law is wrong (unconstitutional) because of this definition?

This decision, in my judgment, is not based on objective thought. It orchestrates support to an agenda.

-- Bob Lesher


Thanks to all of whose who made Scouts' encampment a success

Last week we had the opportunity to have over 1,000 Boy Scouts and leaders from all over the state of Alaska come together to the Alaska State Fairgrounds for a week-long Boy Scout Encampment. Many boys traveled long distances coming from places like Barrow, Ketchikan, Sitka, Dutch Harbor, Nome and even from Whitehorse, Yukon. There were over 2,500 hours of community service put in at the Palmer Senior Center and Camp Gorsuch. Over 500 Merit Badges were earned and over 15,000 meals were served. The last time a camp like this occurred from such a large area was over 20 years ago.

We would like to thank everyone for their work and service to help make the encampment a success. Many thanks go out to the Army National Guard for bringing their Black Hawk to the festivities. We are also grateful for all the donated items from several businesses that kept costs down and affordable, and for the BSA for camp accreditation. It was a memorable and great experience!

-- John Boston, camp director


Stadium would benefit area

The football team for South Anchorage High School has been trying for quite some time to get a stadium installed so that they can play home games at South. Surrounding neighbors in the area, however, are concerned with the noise that would certainly come with the stadium. Some of the neighbors are trying very hard so that South will not be able to get their stadium.

What those people do not understand is that the community will be brought together tremendously through the stadium.

-- Joseph Dennis