Just tell oil industry lobby 'no' to bills that ban price gouging

A recent Compass piece written by Sen. Bill Wielechowski regarding Alaska's costly gas caught my eye and, just for a moment, I thought "Now here's a man that is interested in what's good for the people he serves!" I only made it halfway through the piece when a single sentence stopped me dead and made the rest of what he had to say moot.

Sen. Wielechowski wants us to know that he understands gasoline price-gouging makes all Alaskans suffer needlessly. Then he states "We've tried legislation banning gouging, which dozens of states have done. This would have a significant impact but the bills died after heavy industry lobbying". That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it, Senator? You guys want to do what's best for us but those darn industry groups just won't let you. What's wrong with telling them "NO"?

-- Shelia Little