Letters to the editor (7/12/12)

Don't force a cop's hand by brandishing a weapon

My sincere condolences to the two families of men who were killed recently. I pray that you heal as best you can.

I understand why you think that a "shoot to disable" policy would be a good idea. I think that if an officer thinks he/she can pull off a shot like that then they should have that option.

On the other hand, if someone is threatening other people and/or police officers with a weapon of any kind, and a police officer is pointing a loaded gun at them and instructing them to "put down the weapon," and that person doesn't have the good sense to comply ... Well, instead of another silly policy, somebody should have some common sense, and follow the officer's instructions. Otherwise you could get killed. It's not that difficult to figure out, is it?

-- Keith Pillman


Still waiting on jobs

They said reducing taxes on the rich would bring jobs. So their taxes were reduced. But where are the jobs?

-- Sylvia L. Short


We're already paying the bills for people without insurance

In her July 10 Compass piece on the health care law, Kristina Johannes stated, "... anyone who thinks it is a good idea to tax 'doing nothing' should be thrown out of office at the next opportunity."

I would counter that anyone who thinks doing nothing while a growing number of uninsured citizens seeking medical care flood emergency rooms thus driving up medical costs for everyone should not be elected into office "at the first opportunity."

-- Lita Oppegard

Eagle River

Old cabin could be replaced with something more useful

I believe that an overpreservation of the past is bad -- referring to the front page, July 8 article by Julia O'Malley about preserving a log cabin downtown. I believe that is ridiculous and that log cabins are cabins all the same, regardless of age. Forgive and forget. Spend time, money, and energy on something that can more positively affect the community. Build a future, not a past.

-- Noa Otto


Kendall deserves recognition as great champion of Alaska

It is beyond me how the media cannot pick up on the passing (July 6) of a great Alaskan. Bruce Kendall has a list of accomplishments too extensive to list here. I would expect the media to do that.

To cite just one: When Southcental Alaska was hit by the '64 earthquake, recovery required immediate response. Bruce was speaker of our state House of Representatives. He joined Gov. Bill Egan and effected the necessary state work to save our state.

As a close friend of over 60 years I want to say that this is only one example of Bruce serving Alaskans.

Rest in peace dear friend.

-- Larry Brayton


Make Mount Marathon safer

When I read the article about the missing Mount Marathon runner, Michael LeMaitre, I thought the coordinator or the other people in charge should have kept track of the people running the race. The idea is you have to get to a certain point after a certain time, then they should be turned around. It also might be a good idea to have people at the point where the trail splits into two to make sure the racers go the right way.

-- Katie Cahalone


Old cabin is a touchstone

In response to the article "Fourth Avenue cabin may disappear, along with its 100-year history." I feel strongly that the cabin should stay ... well, I wish it would/could. Growing up in Anchorage, and seeing it every time I go downtown, it seems almost as if it is downtown Anchorage. Characteristically, it adds so much and it helps us remember what our great city was at one point.

-- Briana Tobin