3 Unalaska reporters react to D.C. women's man-meeting expedition

Wikimedia Commons

A trio of female public radio reporters in Unalaska didn't think a recent man-scouting mission to Alaska by two Washington, D.C., reporters was particularly convincing or sincere. Their response: Visit a local bar and find out what the men are looking for. (Note: Unalaska/Dutch Harbor is the No. 1 U.S. fishing port; hordes of young, unattached men from around the world are drawn to the treeless island looking mainly for money.) The reporters recount their findings at TheHairpin.com. An excerpt:

As we press them about their hopes and dreams and whether they involve local ladies in any real way, Arnie keeps bumping into our friend Samantha's leg. Another friend, Laresa, calmly informs Arnie that she will destroy him if he does it again, and the men say their goodbyes. Neither tries to take us home, and they definitely do not propose.

Arnie and Angel were mostly indulging our questioning about love and life because they had nothing better to do. Clearly, neither did we.

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