Those shot by police were responsible for own deaths

I wonder really where does the responsibility and the accountability lie in the police shootings?

I would venture it's with both the individuals whose actions caused their demise. I seriously doubt the officers in question got up for work that morning thinking, "I am going to target a Samoan and Caucasian today and inflict lethal damage."

If you are going to get drunk, belligerent and then get aggressive/dangerous beyond the acceptable norms of society, you are putting yourself in harm's way. If you let your family/neighbor/community member act out in public without policing your own (regardless of race or gender), you are just as responsible and not an innocent party.

The police policies in question are the same ones that would be used to save members of your family or my family if the situation demanded.

Right now in our community, two officers and fellow human beings are having to come to grips with the fact that they have to live out their lives knowing that they took a life. I would not want that burden.

-- Wes Smith