Letters to the editor (7/26/12)

Letter writer crossed the line

Andree McLeod's letter to the editor (July 19) regarding the late Cheryll Heinze made me sick at heart and certainly suggests that Andree has no respect for anything living or dead.

Andree's words, true or not, were filled with hatred and evil intent which she seems to enjoy. In this situation, the accuser has exceeded the boundaries of decency by desecrating the memory of Cheryll Heinze.

-- Pat Wendt


Praise for fire Island wind farm

I'm really impressed with the Fire Island wind farm. I wish my dad was alive to see it; he had a wind tower in the front field and solar power long ago.

It's very gratifying to see my beloved state move forward with new power sources.

Good job, guys.

-- Lillian K. Staats


Governor's allegiance to Big Oil doesn't do Alaskans any favors

I see that our governor is now shopping for an economic consultant who will show a need for replacing the ACES legislation. The graduated tax structure had bipartisan support because it was the right thing for Alaskans.

Most of our politically elected officials understand that we want our natural resource wealth to generate the funds necessary to fund our public sector, why doesn't Sean get it? Maybe it's because he is still representing Exxon, as he did while Exxon was trying to short change Alaskans who lost their livelihood after the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989. Remember, Exxon fought settlement for 20 years, and Sean helped lead the fight on their behalf.

Sean is so hell bent on servicing big oil that he's even willing to campaign against fellow Republicans if they are not in lock step with his agenda to help big oil at our expense. Sean, we see what you are doing and don't approve.

-- Ryan Norkoli


Regulation change for abortions is misguided

I was recently invited by Senator Mark Begich to join him and nearly two dozen other U.S. senators in Washington, D.C., for a discussion with the nation's women's rights leaders.

Our conversation focused on the many benefits America's women will receive under the Affordable Care Act, including free mammograms for women over 40, cervical cancer screenings at no additional cost and preventing insurance companies from charging women more than men.

Alaska women face a new troubling issue. In June, abortion providers were informed of a regulation change for medically necessary abortion coverage which imposes a new burdensome requirement. This change will make it significantly more difficult for women, especially those of low income, to use their right to public funding of medically necessary abortion. Alaskans need to be wary of this issue and demand accountability from elected and state officials.

I worked for the state of Alaska for 26 years, served three terms on the Alaska Planned Parenthood Board of Directors and am currently a member of the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition and the Alaska Women's Lobby.

-- LaRae Jones


Barry's Olympic columns make for fantastic reading

Dave Barry's irreverent take on the Olympics, the Queen and London's weather was delightful reading. I can't wait to see to read his next installment of "The Survival Guide for London's Olympic Games."

Barry's style of humor reminds me of Mr. Whitekeys' hilarious columns that used to appear in that magazine about Alaska. I loved the way he trashed (read "poked fun at") our state's holy institutions of hunting, fishing and destination travel.

Thanks for giving us readers Dave Barry, lest we take ourselves too seriously.

-- Jill Shepherd