Letters to the editor (7/27/12)

Who is governor representing?

I am really confused about who Parnell is representing. He filed a lawsuit against a federal health care program and said we should have a state run program. Now, he says the feds should run a federal program. I think he is pouting because people think for themselves and do not just blindly follow him. How many people in our state were polled before he filed a lawsuit with very few other governors to oppose federally funded health care? Ergo, who is he representing?

-- Jan Wyland


Don't let city become a dump

It certainly sounds like Title 21 should be revisited. While I don't know much about the documents as they exist today, I did attend several meetings over the last few years. I can't believe that we would not immediately enforce the requirement to enclose or screen Dumpsters, which is one of the fastest, most effective improvements we could make in several neighborhoods! I mean, do we want our city to look like a dump? Because that is what it looks like in many areas, especially where there are apartments. Come on ... let's use a little common sense. Clean it up, enforce landscaping requirements, take care of the basics. It's not rocket science!

-- Colleen Hickey


Fishery serving the wrong folks

In regards to the "subsistence" dipnet fishery on the Kenai, I'll bet there is 1 in 30 who really need that fish for "subsistence." I'll bet there are 5 in 20 that are processing that fish for resale. They either rent houses short-term and set up a processing facility or a fixed-up motor home. I've seen it.

Meanwhile, the people of the Yukon have no fish this year. They really do "subsist" on salmon. The dipnet fishery should have more oversight and this year those fish should have been seined up and sent to the starving folks on the Yukon. That's what the Alaska of old would do. It is within our constitution and feds be damned.

-- Andi Flanagan


Duck guardian commended

Thank goodness for people like Richard Hermosillo (the motorcyclist who assisted a mother duck and ducklings across a busy street).

-- Gail Dudley


Sidewalks need more attention for use of pedestrians in winter

On Title 21 the issue of sidewalks is put as something to be scaled back likely because not too many people use them, especially in the winter. The problem with the sidewalks in the winter is that snow is just pushed onto them from the streets in some places and left to compact.

I often walk the sidewalks on Northern Lights in the winter from school and can say that in many places nothing is done to them throughout the majority of the winter. This past year during breakup I found and pulled out a shopping cart buried in the pile of snow that somehow can be called a "sidewalk." During the midwinter rain last winter the sidewalks were sheet ice until the next snow, the only gravel I saw on them was what was kicked up from cars at other times. I think that if anything is to be done to the sidewalks better snow removal and maintenance or built in heating might be better than simply removing half of them.

-- Russel Holland