Another Alaskan among D.C.'s 'most beautiful'

Mary Hiratsuka of Dillingham, who's about to get married and leave her job as legislative assistant to Alaska Rep. Don Young, is one of two Alaskans named by a Washington, D.C., paper as being among the "50 Most Beautiful People" on Capitol Hill.

From The Hill:

Hiratsuka, an Alaskan Inuit ... loves all things sealskin, and she's not afraid to show it. During Washington's chillier seasons, she can be seen toting her prized sealskin bag around the Capitol's hallways.

Though Hiratsuka's taste in animal furs might seem unique, the odds she overcame to land a job in Washington are even more out of the ordinary.

Since leaving Dillingham, she's become a "fish snob," she says, having encountered nothing so good as her dad's smoked salmon.

The other Alaskan honored this year by The Hill is former Fairbanks public radio reporter Libby Casey; read about her here.

Also among the 50 is Warren Wright, a former Coast Guard helicopter pilot who was stationed in Kodiak and now works in the office of Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski.