French seems to be going astray in protecting planet

Sen. Hollis French represents my part of Anchorage. I appreciate all the hard work he does for our community. However, with that said, I've some issue concerning his regard for our environment on fracking. I realize the jury may be still be out on the effects of fracking. Some may argue that the release of natural gas into our groundwater and into the atmosphere has always occurred naturally, However, I doubt it has naturally occurred with the proprietary blend of chemicals used by Haliburton: a blend of potentially cancer causing and environmentally dangerous chemicals. If Mr. Hollis refuses to protect the planet in his policies, actions, and legislating, then we need to vote in someone who will. There is little evidence that protecting the environment and making a profit can't go hand in hand. We're all in this together and we should act in our own best interest. Profits mean nothing if there's not a planet to enjoy them on.

-- Steven Bell