Parents, unplug your children before it is too late for them

Although saddened by the recent shootings in Aurora, Colo., it comes as no surprise. This country has a whole generation of "lost boys" in the last 15 years due to the technology they are plugged into (i.e., violent video games, Internet, iPods, etc.) A lot of parents use technology as baby sitters. Don't have time for junior? Put him in front of the TV or give him the technology nanny. The new generation of young males are tuned out, and will not be able to hold a job or communicate with real people. They have failure to launch with no ambition. They are narcissistic and have no spiritual cord or accountability. Do you know children go through withdrawal when you remove technology from them? Try it. Compelling but true; it is documented. Parents, do yourselves a favor and save yourselves from what will be a major problem in the future with your sons, and unplug them. If not we will have more Columbines, more Virginia States, more Aurora, Colo., tragedies unfolding in our future.

-- Liz Bowen