Letters to the editor (7/30/12)

Bike riders need to follow rules

This is to the two teenage bicycle-riding boys whom I almost ran over in the intersection of Minnesota and Northern Lights. I keep hearing about cars paying attention to bike riders. What about the bike riders paying attention to cars?

You boys have no idea how lucky you are. You were crossing the intersection illegally (it is a no crossing zone). I had a very green light. If it weren't for the gentleman who was already sitting at the green light laying on his horn and me hearing it you would more than likely be dead.

Apparently there are still some bike riders who need to learn to obey the rules also.

-- Becky Smith


Rep. Don Young keeps Alaska on track to 'Somewhere'

We Alaskans are so fortunate and should feel grateful that our fearless U.S. Representative Don Young adeptly secured $30 million annual funding for our Alaska Railroad to continue capital projects and to preserve passenger service.

I was utterly insulted and felt snubbed to read that some outsiders and naysayers call our Alaska Railroad a railroad to "Nowhere" and that they regard Fairbanks as "Nowhere." Aren't you? Coming from California, I remember hearing that many thought building the Golden Gate Bridge was considered building a Bridge to Nowhere. Our Alaska pipeline was also presumed to be a Pipeline to Nowhere by challengers and look at how much oil it has piped Outside for the last 30 years.

Hopefully our Alaska Railroad will expand and connect to Canada and the North America Railroad grid. How is that "Nowhere"? It's awesome having Representative Don Young expertly working for us Alaskans in Washington, D.C. Thank you, Congressman Don Young, for keeping our Alaska Railroad going SOMEWHERE. We're glad you're always looking out for us Alaskans!

-- Phillip Clary


Rolling trash and recycle carts nifty way to raise refuse rates

Some of us within the MOA have been required by Alaska Solid Waste, a private company, to use a new type of garbage collection, a system of Refuse Roll Cart and Recycle.

I admire how through this change of service Alaska Waste shrewdly raised the annual charge for refuse from $196.24 to $252.60. If my math is correct that represents a 28 percent more for the same 96 gallons of refuse picked up weekly.

Another kudo for Alaska Waste is its informative flier with pictures of the roll cart and the suggested size for the various households. I selected the smallest sizes advertised for my family, a 64-gallon refuse cart and a 96-gallon recycling cart, a bit more than I need. Now the annual cost is $332.04, including the cart rental. On the other hand, the MOA offers weekly 48-gallon solid waste and twice weekly 96-gallon recycle pickup for $229.20/year. That would be perfect. Too bad it is not available to all citizens of Anchorage.

-- Michel Villon