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Letters to the editor (8/6/12)

Commissioner introduces more intrusion into people's lives

It truly irks me when I hear Commissioner Becky Hultberg, a state official, spew her solutions through Compass: other points of view.

I thought the GOP stood for less government, and definitely less government control of people's lives.

But Becky is dictating that people's lifestyle choices and behaviors be controlled by the government. Already she has introduced "Weight Watchers at Work, tobacco cessation, and other tools to manage their health."

Maybe people are happy being overweight. Maybe they think it's their right to smoke, as long as they only do it where allowed by the government.

If they don't sign up for Weight Watchers, will they lose their insurance? Or be charged more as a pre-existing condition?

This sounds like more government control of our private lives. And the GOP, who pretends to stand for less government, is leading the way.

-- Penny Hlavna


Candidates should obey law when putting up their signs

As I drive down the public highway and city streets, I constantly see illegal campaign signs on public property (streets, right of ways, etc,).

All candidates receive letters informing them that this is not allowed and is illegal. This information is also posted on the APOC website, where candidates constantly go to for information, APOC report forms, etc.

If a candidate can't even obey the laws before they are elected, how do we expect them to abide by them if elected and in a position to be influenced by outside interests. This happened in a big way not too long ago. Everyone turned a blind eye until feds raided the legislative offices. It had to progress that far.

It's time to let these people seeking a position of public trust know that we don't want lawbreakers in charge of our state.

If you see an illegal sign, please give that candidate a call and let them know Alaskans are watching and there are consequences for illegal campaigning.

-- Paula Spreter

Eagle River

Global-warming skeptics silent as much of US endures heat

On the heels of a record warm winter in the continental U.S. comes another record warm summer, and as articles in the July 27 edition of ADN explain, consequences of global warming include increased incidence of West Nile virus and potential thinning of the ozone from water vapor injected into the stratosphere from severe storms.

There is, however, one benefit to come from all the bad news: Our hometown cadre of global-warming deniers has been remarkably quiet.

Could it be they've just dried up and blown away? In this respect they are the vanguard of the human race; that is, if the rest of us also do not speak up and take action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

-- Jan Konigsberg