Hard to sympathize with bicyclists

I am a bicyclist. I am a walker of the multi-use trails. I drive an automobile. As a walker on the multiuse trails I have been hit by a cyclist's pannier. My leashed dogs have almost been hit by cyclists. I regularly have cyclists blow by me, at ridiculous speeds, without warning. Usually I just get scared and annoyed by this. It is possible someone could get hurt.

In the winter, the roads are icy. If you slip under or into my car as I am passing you I am going to feel really bad and so are you, if you feel anything at all. I know there are studs for cycling tires. I have them. Make it a law that says if you are cycling on the road, in the winter, you must have studs.

I find it difficult to be sympathetic with the cyclists who seem to feel so entitled on the road, on the paved trails and on dirt track. All I ask is, be considerate, think and be safe.

-- Tim Kaderman