Letters to the editor (8/9/12)

Why can't police take down aggressor without killing him?

The recent use of deadly force by state troopers reveals how ill-trained those personnel must be. A bat wielded by an obviously semi-intelligent lawbreaker apparently put one of a team of officers in fear of his life -- "necessitating" a killing.

Taser use hadn't worked. But Tasers have even killed vulnerable people. Yet a Taser couldn't be applied to bring this guy down? If Tasers are that unreliable or ineffective, why are tax dollars being paid for them?

Practical martial arts training commonly focuses on defeating a bat- or club-wielding aggressor. Yet none of a team of officers could apply any of these easily attained skills? I recall being a security officer at a hotel some years ago. A knife wielder actually managed, through surprise, to place a knife point to my throat's skin. Yet I managed to subdue the guy with no injuries to either of us and then held him for the authorities.

At this rate, somebody will get killed for threatening an officer with a fist.

-- Stuart Thompson


Dumpster code needed

Our new group of commissioners are not helping the community that needs help. I have lived in the Russian Jack Community Council area for many years with wonderful neighbors. It was a relief when the Title 21 Dumpster code was approved by the previous Planning and Zoning Commission. We are surrounded on three sides by apartments, most of which have never been upgraded in 40 years, and Dumpsters sit on the sidewalk overflowing -- a turnoff for attracting good neighbors.

How apartment owners obtain the money for the Dumpster shield should not be the concern. The improvement is past due.

-- Roxanna Jeske


Ignoring right to free speech, we instead just choose sides

I remember a time when, if a publicly elected official threatened an American citizen or a corporation with retaliation from his/her public office because the corporation CEO expressed his/her opinion of not believing in gay marriage, American citizens would quickly remind our elected officials that in America, we do not send those who have or express opposing opinions to gulags and prisons for confinement and retraining. We believe in free speech.

However, today, American citizens just pick sides.

In years gone by, if a publicly elected official speaking on the Senate floor accused an American citizen of criminal behavior such as not paying taxes for 10 years, American citizens would demand to see the evidence that proves the accusations.

However, today, we demand the accused provide documents to prove his/her innocence.

I fear that one day we will regret our failure to demand our elected officials uphold their oaths of office protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.

-- Jack Miller


Jenkins' columns are divisive

Paul Jenkins is case and point what is wrong with Washington, D.C. According to his column, Democrats are all bad and Republicans all good. His columns are divisive and unproductive, filled with loathing and bad intent.

I don't think I could sleep at night with all of that inside me! I think I'll skip reading it in the future.

-- Timothy Sell