Letters to the editor (8/17/12)

Shooting to wound won't work

Stop with the armchair police work. As a U.S. Army medic, let me first state that shooting to wound is ridiculous. I'll start by saying that a shot to the arm or leg is just as dangerous as a shot to the torso; also, any shot to the arm or the leg in a high-stress situation is liable to miss more than hit. Any type of weapon, whether a gun, a knife, a bat or a stick, is a weapon. If you approach a police officer with a weapon of any type, you stand a chance of being shot.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to cut things so black and white for you but this begins and ends with someone's life -- either the officer who is risking his own life to protect others or the innocent bystander who gets injured or killed while that officer is trying to figure out if he should shoot to wound or try some fancy martial arts move.

-- Thomas H. Chivers II


Romney should make amends

Mitt Romney should apologize to Sir Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London Organizing Committee, Boris Johnson, lord mayor of London, and the British people for his intemperate remarks during his visit to London regarding the preparations for the 2012 Olympic games. The opening and closing ceremonies were wonderful and there were no major problems anywhere.

An aside: You hear Big Ben but do not see it. It is the big bell that strikes the hour. You see the clock faces on St. Stephens Tower, which houses the bell.

-- Peter Jenkins

Eagle River

Thanks for aiding students

I'm a eighth grader at Mears Middle School who can't wait for a routine again. I realized how lucky I was to be able to afford school supplies when I went over to Clark Middle School on Tuesday and helped fill thousands of bags with pencils, paper, binders and notebooks for people who need a little help with their school shopping.

I was very impressed with Fred Meyer's donation of brand new coats for the HUGSS program. Their company donated 15,000 brand new coats to communities in Alaska; these will be appreciated in the coming school year. This is a wonderful program and I want to thank all the people and organizations that help every year. Thank you for such an amazing experience!

-- Graylin Simes


Quick actions saved home

On Saturday, Aug. 14, I received a call that everyone dreads -- my home in Girdwood was on fire. We were away at the time. Fortunately, due to the quick actions of several individuals, damage is confined to the addition under construction and not our existing home.

My family and I will be ever grateful to Aaron Powell, ADN delivery person -- who first noticed the fire and called it in; Assistant Fire Chief Rich Parry, first on the scene; my neighbors; and the rest of the Girdwood Volunteer Fire Department for everything they did. You are all "heroes" in our book.

Thank you -- The Hanson family.

-- Jeanne Hanson