Trailer for Anchorage-filmed 'Frozen Ground' briefly appears on YouTube

The story of the police investigation of infamous Alaska serial killer Robert Hansen is headed to the big screen. Nicolas Cage will portray the Alaska State Trooper who investigated the murders that gripped Anchorage in the 1970s and 1980s.
AP Photo/Dan Steinberg, File

Update: The trailer, which was unfinished, has been removed from YouTube, reports E!Online


The trailer for the Anchorage-filmed thriller "The Frozen Ground," a dramatization of the crimes of a real-life Anchorage serial killer, has popped up online. John Cusack stars as the so-called "Butcher Baker" Robert Hansen. Nicolas Cage plays a composite character based on the police and troopers who caught Hansen. Vanessa Hudgens is the would-be victim who got away. Check out the filming photo gallery here, and find Daily News archive photos of the real Hansen here. Read more at The Hollywood Reporter.