Letters to the editor (8/24/12)

Appraisal of school system may not have been based on reality

Katie Bisson makes a valid point with her personal experience with four schools ("Neighborhood schools must be welcoming," Aug. 21), however it may not reflect the overall situation.

I have three grandchildren at Rabbit Creek Elementary. Yesterday at the open house/PTA to learn class assignments, we met their teachers and the new principal. Prior to the meeting, we were treated to hot dogs and refreshments. The teachers and especially the principal circulated to "meet and greet" students and adults. He spoke briefly at the meeting about goals for the year and gave a warm invitation to visit and be involved in the education of our children.

Ms. Bisson did a broad brush appraisal of the system that may have been unfair. It certainly was based on our experiences.

-- John Gardner


Construction crew that found and returned jewelry thanked

About the time we begin to wonder if there are people who still do good deeds in this world someone does one to remind us that yes, there are.

I work downtown and on Monday I put a baggie containing a gold bracelet, two pairs of gold earrings and one pair of silver ones in the side of my purse as I was leaving. I must have dropped them between the office and the car.

Today, a gentlemen doing construction work next door came in, held up the baggie and asked, "Does this belong to anyone in here?" One of his workers had found the baggie on the ground and turned it in. I went over to thank the gentleman but he had already left.

I would like to say thank you for the blessing today and may God bless you and yours.

-- Lynn H. Ford


We need to do something about 'idiots' who are trashing city

OMG, a man after "me own heart": Danny Smith. I too am so disgusted at the disgraceful way that people treat our city. Trash everywhere. Every other day when I take my dogs for a walk along Muldoon and Halligan, I pick up a sack of trash, mostly Big Gulp cups, McDonald's sacks etc. and beer cans and whiskey bottles. Occasionally dirty diapers, yuk. I can't let myself look at the sides of the roads, especially the highway going north out of town.

What can we do?

The other day, a guy was jogging in front of my house, took a drink out of a real glass, and tossed it in the neighbor's yard. Right in front of me. I yelled at him but of course, was ignored. If there is a trash patrol, put me on it. I am in the phone book. By the way, I am a great-granny and a 38-year resident of Alaska. We need help with these idiots!

-- Marilyn Basiliere


Sullivan shortfall right on time

Fall is here, Mayor Sullivan's annual "Budget shortfall" announcement is more reliable than the migration of geese or the turning of leaves.

Wonder who he is going to blame for this shortfall? I guess it will be all the union employees and their contracts, as usual -- or maybe the homeless. I think he needs a new idea.

-- Bill Harbin