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Polling places changing for many Anchorage voters

Rosemary Shinohara

Voters: You should have gotten a voter identification card in the mail attached to a piece of paper that tells your polling place.

You might want to look at it.

Polling places for thousands of Anchorage residents will be different in Tuesday's state primary election than in prior elections, said Julie Husmann, regional elections supervisor for the state.

There were 54 boundary changes in the 120 Anchorage precincts as a result of redistricting this year, Husmann said.

For those who live in the part of a precinct that merged with an adjacent precinct, the polling place could be a church or union hall down the road instead of the same old school where they've always voted.

Plus, the state added seven new polling places that replace old ones.

The new polling places are:

Rabbit Creek Community Church, Precinct 110 in House District 27.

The Alaska Zoo, Precinct 805, District 23.

The Anchorage Bible Fellowship Church on Elmore Road, Precinct 845, District. 24.

University Baptist Church off Tudor Road, Precinct 425, District 15.

Sand Lake Baptist Church on Jewel Lake Road, Precinct 615, District 19.

Ocean View Elementary School, Precinct 20, District 21.

Alaska Oriental Mission Church at the Old Seward Highway and Dowling Road, Precinct 745, District 22.

For those who threw away the information sheet attached to new voter registration cards, there's help. The state has an online site that tells you where to vote once you enter your address.

Those with smart phones that have a QR barcode application can scan the bar code on the voter ID card to get to the web site that has the answers. Or voters can call a help line for their polling site by providing a Social Security or voter ID number.

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