Voting yes on Measure 2 strengthens our hand

Alaskans wanted statehood to determine our future and control our resources. Outside interests, which then controlled our resources in cahoots with the feds, fought against us vehemently. That's happening again.

Alaska's constitution is dedicated to maximum self-government at both state and local levels. Coastal management strengthens our hand in dealing with the federal government and industry.

The program worked for decades. It was sponsored by Jay Hammond, is supported by Tony Knowles. Only ex-governor Frank Murkowski opposes.

Over the past years, the governor and lawmakers couldn't agree on coastal management legislation. The initiative draft may not be perfect, but it's a start; the Legislature can fix it.

Many are the reasons to vote for Proposition 2. For me, it's about Alaska's future.

I am appalled by the millions of dollars being spent by international oil giants and other outside interests to scare Alaskans into voting against our own interest.

Let's not become subservient to absentee interests and their unlimited moneys.

It's our state. It's our oil. Stand up for Alaska. Vote YES on 2.

-- Vic Fischer