Columnist understands neither religion nor science

Elise Patkotak (column, Aug. 29), another stereotypical liberal, unimaginably conflates Rep. Todd Akin's ill-conceived (no pun intended) remarks on "legitimate rape" with the entire GOP. She then projects that into the age-old science vs. religion argument, claiming that the former trumps the latter. She cites "... ancient texts written at a time when people thought the sun revolved around the earth." Of course, she doesn't say that those texts were written by scientists. She pooh-poohs the "hue and cry" over Creationism or Intelligent Design as opposed to "actual scientific theory of the universe."

Oh, really? Can she state what that is -- perhaps the discredited "Big Bang Theory"? Science has shown there is no "before" before the Big Bang, and cannot demonstrate what caused it. She claims to have been "educated enough to know the difference between science and faith" when she can't even define science. She is scared of the Republican Party "because I don't want my children to be taught that a religious myth holds the same validity as science."

If all thinking Americans used her line of nonreasoning, they would be petrified over the gaffes of Vice President Joe Biden, which are based on neither science nor religion.

-- Chuck Orr