Letters to the editor (9/5/12)

You might not like Mitt's politics, but Ann Romney is a 'real mom'

In response to "a real mom" in Bethel (Letters, Aug. 31):

Ann Romney IS the definition of a real mother. One might not like her husband's politics but the woman raised five boys. She did so under the duress of cancer and multiple sclerosis. This is not an easy task as any "real mom" can tell you.

Just having a child (whether through birth of adoption) and caring for them and loving them makes you a real mother.

The writer shouldn't speak for "most moms." I love my children but I also leave the kitchen and pursue my own interests from time to time. That's healthy living and makes me a better mother.

In her sexist view of motherhood I, like Ann Romney, am not a "real mother." She should respect mothers everywhere regardless of their politics or life choices.

We "real moms" have the world's hardest job and we need all the support we can get.

This real mom is voting for Mitt. I think Ann Romney is going to make a wonderful first lady.

-- Lynden Grothe


Let children attend convention

The Democratic National Convention bars young children including nursing infants from the convention floor. They have thus become -- in the words of the Stiletto blog -- the party of No Child Let Inside.

I find this outrageous. Yes, a baby may cry during President Barack Obama's acceptance speech. So what? Let that baby know when she is grown up that we made a place for her, that we wanted her with us.

Children are our future. Let them be present.

-- Pam Siegfried


Rural vet appreciates outreach

Alaska Rural Veterinary Outreach, Inc. (ARVO) wishes to extend its sincere thanks to the Alaska State Veterinary Medical Association (AKVMA), the professional organization representing Alaska's licensed veterinarians.

Recognizing our need for initial funding, AKVMA has made a very generous donation that will allow us to move forward with a pilot clinic to provide services to 60 dogs in a small rural village. Additionally, upon learning about ARVO, many of AKVMA's individual members have been extremely supportive and offered to volunteer their input, expertise, and professional time to our rural clinics.

ARVO's mission to provide spay-neuter and essential veterinary services to our rural friends is a formidable one. This generous support from our Alaska vets will help provide strength and continuity to our work. We are extremely grateful. For more information, please go to www.akrvo.org.

-- Sall Clampitt, President

Alaska Rural Veterinary Outreach, Inc.


Republican won't vote Romney

I am a Republican and I voted for Reagan, GHW Bush, GW Bush but I never voted for Nixon or McCain and I will not vote for Romney. He seems so bitter. Also I don't know why he has to lie. Is he that desperate?

Maybe the party has changed. Don Young and Lisa Murkowski voted against women getting equal pay for equal work. Has something changed and nobody told me about it? Don always had a terrible attendance record, but Lisa has no excuse; we would be better off with Joe Miller. I will not vote for Don this fall and when Lisa comes up again I won't vote for her either unless she changes and votes for what is right, not necessarily the party line.

-- Allan Grauel


Bereaved thanks police, coroner

I am writing to express my thanks to our great police department, paramedics, and our state of Alaska coroner for the assistance that they give me in the passing of a dear friend, whom I have know for many years. I was treated with utmost respect and compassion. They were there to assist me and all my needs. The chaplain was a very big help and assisting me.

Thank you again for all that you did to make a tragic situation a lot bearable. We Alaskans should be proud.

-- Sandra Presley