Classic Alaska photos from Life magazine compiled for territorial centennial

Time-Life is marking the centennial of Alaska's establishment as a U.S. territory with a collection of Alaska photos shot in 1965 by Ralph Crane for a Life magazine cover story. Not all of the photos made the final cut for publication.

From Time:

As LIFE put it in the introduction to the piece ...

"Though some of the pioneers [who built Alaska] were simply moving out of range of the sheriff, and others would be misfits anywhere, most of them were the kind of men whose hearts beat faster out of doors, who drew strength from the struggle with nature ... folks who just wanted to get away from the confines of the onrushing civilization."

Five decades after those words were written, Alaska still retains a good deal of its allure as a place outside of both time and beyond the the strictures and constraints of "the Lower 48."

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