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Either get out of Middle East or unleash nuclear weaponry

This is just more evidence of the absolute quagmire that is the Middle East.

We chose to help these same people when they were in their hour of need against a tyrannical man that wanted nothing more than to hold onto his power. Now after they have gotten their power, a lowly citizen who made a cheesy Monty Pythonesque film has incited anger and violence in the very people we chose to save. More often than not, I believe that diplomacy is what all nations need. However, with each and every angry, malicious threat and act hailing from the Muslim world, I believe that diplomacy would be like telling a religious person God does not exist. It is a waste of time

America and her allies should either leave all of the Muslim world alone (and come down extremely hard when they encroach upon us) or simply use what the American government swore to never use again and turn the most hateful place on Earth into a quiet neighborhood for about ten thousand years.

-- Sean M. Wiederholt