Skateboarder, pedestrian killed in 2 Boniface Parkway accidents

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Police say two pedestrians died in separate incidents in the Boniface Parkway area Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

The first was a man, identified by police as Charles Delgado, 22, who was riding his longboard skateboard on a roadway just off Boniface Parkway, said Anchorage Police Department spokesman Lt. Dave Parker. Parker was not sure of the exact location.

Police got the report that the man had been struck by a motorcycle at 9:19 p.m. Tuesday, Parker said.

Delgado was taken to an Anchorage hospital where he later died.

The motorcyclist stayed at the scene until help arrived and showed no signs of impairment, Parker said.

Police say he had minor injuries.

A woman crossing Boniface Parkway and 4th Avenue at 1:44 a.m. Wednesday was also struck.

She was with two other women, Parker said, who all tried to cross a dark section of the road without a crosswalk.

The other two women made it to the other side of the street but the third remained in the roadway.

A motorist stopped in the left lane with hazard lights on, Parker said. A vehicle coming up behind that driver took the right lane and collided with the woman.

She was taken to an Anchorage hospital and later died, he said.

Officials have not released the woman's name, pending notification of her next-of-kin.

Police say two pedestrian fatalities in a single night in the same area is unusual but the incidents are not thought to be linked.

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