High wind forecast halts Tuesday Night Race

The Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Race, scheduled for tonight at Service High School, has been canceled because of possible high winds, according to the Municipal Parks and Recreation Department.

There are already several fallen trees on the trail and several more threatening to fall, the department said in a written statement. A high wind warning has been issued starting after midnight tonight, with upper Hillside gusts to 110 mph.

The possibility of falling trees is too dangerous and too much of a liability, said Lindsey Whitt, the mayor's spokeswoman.

The popular races, which draw hundreds to city parks on Tuesday in the fall, have only had one other cancellation in their 45-year history, the department said.

A make-up race has been scheduled for Nov. 6, with the awards Nov. 13, Whitt said.

Next week's race is at Kincaid Park.

Anchorage Daily News / adn.com