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News and Community

Alaska Politics

This is the place for Alaska politics – federal, state and local. Come here for news, tidbits and info -- and to join the discussion.

Julia O'Malley

Julia writes a general interest column about life and politics in Anchorage and around Alaska.She grew up in Anchorage and has worked at the ADN since 1996.

Alaska Bulletin Board

The Alaska Bulletin Board is a place for announcements and items of interest to the community that reach the Daily News but that may or may not become news stories prepared by our journalists.

The Village

Blogging about life and politics in rural Alaska. This is the spot for breaking news on village issues, plus interviews, videos, photos and an open call for reader-submitted content.


Business People

Business People announces the hire or promotion of employees to senior or mid-level professional or supervisory positions. Positions must be full-time and paid.

Inside Business

Inside Business announces a wide range of news related to Alaska-based businesses. Announcements about expansions, relocations, name changes and awards are all welcome.

Sports and Recreation

Woody on Hockey

Join the conversation about the Aces and Alaska hockey with Doyle Woody, who has covered the game here at all levels for 29 years.

Fishing Blog

This blog is where we post sportfishing-related news releases, primarily from the Department of Fish and Game. Check here for the latest information on emergency closures, catch limit and regulation changes and miscellaneous other fishing news.

Dog blog

Alaska dog owners unite: We have moose in our yards. We have frozen water bowls. We have wolves, doggone it, walking off with cute little pugs at our state capital! Mushers have their own network of resources, but the time has come for ordinary pet owners to come together and discuss our only-in-Alaska issues.

Arts and Entertainment

play blog

Welcome to the Play Blog, an insider’s guide on everything from music to pop culture, local dining, drinking, art and nightlife. Alaska or Outside, it’s fair game. Who's hot, who's coming to town, who's doing something worth noticing. We're on it.

Art Snob

Art Snob is your site for fast postings of Daily News reviews, local art happenings and reader feedback.

Photo blog: Focal Point

Focal Point is an evolving body of work. ADN photographers Bob Hallinen, Erik Hill, Marc Lester, Bill Roth and photo editor Anne Raup contribute to the blog. Each photographer brings a unique perspective to recording the rich Alaskan life in a place as picturesque as any on earth.

Hollywood Alaska

This blog follows movie and television production in Alaska, whether the production is produced locally or is based on an event that took place in Alaska.

Community bloggers

Cagefighting AK

Lifelong Alaskan Sam Dunham is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a regular competitor in the Alaska Fighting Championships and Thursday Night at the Fights.

Church Visits

Looking for the right church? There are many excellent choices. A visit to this blog will introduce you to the various flavors of church in Southcentral Alaska, personally visited and commented upon by church expert Chris Thompson.

Frontier Scientists

The Frontier Scientists blog is for travelers, teachers, students, aspiring scientists, and anyone interested in scientific discovery in the Alaskan arctic.

Hometown U

Hometown U represents the University of Alaska Anchorage. We will alert you to enriching opportunities for engaging your mind and heart.

Spirit of Youth

Creating, promoting and recognizing youth involvement in communities across Alaska.

AK Voices: Guest opinion bloggers

Brian Sweeney Jr

Brian Sweeney Jr. is an opinionated gastroenterologist in Anchorage.

Geoff Kennedy

Geoff Kennedy lives in Anchorage.

Rudy Wittshirk

Rudy Wittshirk is a writer who lives in Willow.

Bill Sherwonit

Anchorage nature writer Bill Sherwonit is the author of 12 books.